Essay on Deviance Control And Civil Order Control

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Deviance Control and Civil Order Control are two different functions that the police use to keep peace and order. Civil Order Control is a function that police use to respond to a situation where a crowd is possibly getting out of control and disturbing the police. In the United States, we have witnessed a lot of Civil Order Control across the country to keep protests peaceful all the way to full blown riots taking place in different cities. With Civil Order Control, even though the police is attempting to quell the violence of riots and keep the peace, “police may end up being adversaries of the citizens rather than part of the citizenry, and this can be a very uncomfortable role” (Dammer and Albanese, 2014, p. 101). Attacks against the police for attempting to stop the riots are not uncommon. Countries globally use Civil Order Control in their police functions however, each country use them differently. For example, the United States and England use Civil Order Functions very similarly, by which the police perform this function unless there is an extreme situation, which the military is then used. In places like Saudi Arabia, Japan, Germany, France and China the army, national guard, or a different division is used to perform the functions of Civil Order Control.
Deviance Control is a function the police use to also keep the peace in the community however this is done by police just patrolling the area in day to day operations. They also have direct contact with…

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