Deviance And Society Essay

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Deviance and the society from my view The act of violating a standard of conduct or norm in a society or group is categorized as deviance. Deviance can differ from something minor such as cutting the checkout line at the grocery store to committing a crime such as murder. Deviance can be relative to one place and society because what is considered deviant to one culture might not be deviant to another. Killing another human is wrong, however, if constituted to be an act of self-defense or if permitted by the government during warfare deviance would be acceptable. Chewing gum in America and disposing it on the streets although not enforceable is an acceptable act by the society. In Singapore, chewing gum is extremely prohibited. According …show more content…
As an example, a functionalist would argue that deviance is important to society because people learn that it is wrong to kill one another due to the consequences of spending time incarcerated. The same applies for someone who is driving over the speed limit on the highway and gets pulled over by the police, that person will most likely get a sanction. Therefore, functionalist perspective defends that deviance is a viral component of our society so everyone can follow stablished rules and norms. As in conflict theorist argues, the inconsistency of application of social values and the law is inequitably our systems. For instance, why we would have codes that outlaws marijuana because of it is alleged hard to users, yet cigarettes and alcohol which can be as harmful are sold legally. Within our society today, I believe that a balance between functionalist perspective and conflict theorist would be the best approach to handle deviance. We are growing in a high technical informative, opinionated and educated society who seeks to connect with others and explore but norms must be in place to ensure there is a safe place for everyone to engage with one …show more content…
The role of a husband for me however, is the conflicted role I play in society. My husband and I got married three years ago. On June 2013, the United States Supreme Court declared that DOMA (Defense of Marriage Act, which defined a marriage between a man and woman only) to be unconstitutional and that legally married same-sex couples were entitled to federal benefits. Although legally we are entitled to all benefits and are treated the same. Society still have expectations of a different role for a Latino husband. Whenever I mentioned to be married, I am always asked about my wife and never about my spouse or husband or significant other. Discriminations amongst other groups is visible. I have personally experienced cases to be uninvited to events where I mentioned that I would bring my husband or in cases of not being invited at all so we would not be seen together as a couple.
Having to live on my own since I was 18 years old and still help my family financially it taught me a lot about independence and courage. My first attempt to attend college was at a community college which I earned 28 credits. Now at 29 years old and with a well stablished career in travel and marketing, I decided to return to school to pursue my bachelor’s degree. With the demands of my job for travels including overnight stays and working late hours, the role of a student is currently a strain for

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