Deviance And Social Control : Deviance Essay

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Deviance and Social Control What is a “deviant” act? It is the be behavior that violates social norms and expectation. Deviant act can be spotted as an outsider in the social world. They can be categorized into two groups; the informal and formal (Chambliss, 2014, 264). The formal deviance takes back to the concepts of criminal acts and can be punished by the law. The informal deviant acts are more related to the negation of the social norm (Chambliss, 2014, 269). There is also the positive deviance that is results of over conformity and the negative deviance is the under conformity (Chambliss, 2014, 264). Now what is conformity? Conformity is the act of matching attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors to groups norms. They are the ability of human’s beings following the steps of others, even if they do not believe it is right (LaBeff, 2014, 305). People make conformity choices because they do not want to risk the disapproval from anybody that is with the social group (Benson, 2014,304). In the assigned readings, they show plenty of examples for deviance and conformity to classify the social groups, the beliefs of sizable crimes, and sexual harassment at works. To begin with, was the reading of The Saints and the Roughnecks by William J. Chambliss that captured the ideas of what is wrong and how people behave once they been caught doing something wrong (Chambliss, 2014, 264). They highlighted the fact on who is more likely to get punished. The Saint were the student who were…

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