Essay about Deviance And Its Effects On Society

1563 Words Oct 8th, 2015 null Page
Everyone has been deviant on more than several occasions throughout their life. Humans aren’t perfect and, our many mistakes as a species has reflected that. Deviance can discuss a wide variety of phenomenons from chewing too loudly to committing murder. While, some deviance causes unwanted effects for a short while, other deviance can create consequences that can last a lifetime. When I found out I was pregnant at a mere fifteen years old, I was completely naive of the consequences that would occur from my deviancy. I was fifteen years old, living with my boyfriend of twenty years old in his parent’s house when I found out I was pregnant. My parents strongly disapproved of the relationship and the idea of me living at his house even more. But, I still did what I wanted to do anyways. When looking back at who I was, the social bonds that I was attached to actually had a significant impact on how I strayed so far off from the norms and ended up pregnant.The social bonds that I had with my family were very weak before I got pregnant, my parents and I were always at each other’s throats, and any other family I had was miles away. I broke ties with the social bonds of school because of prior conflicts that lead to prolonged absences that ultimately lead me so far behind in school, I ended up dropping out. Teachers would ridicule me in front of class telling me I wouldn’t be able to pass the class even if I tried. I enrolled into an online alternative school just a month…

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