Deviance And Its Effect On Society Essay

986 Words Mar 8th, 2016 4 Pages
Through time each group of people, society or even religion has created different sets of norms that are accepted upon and expected to be followed by each of the members. Most people assume that all group members will agree, respect and follow all of these norms but in reality a few of them will demonstrate deviant behavior. Deviance is an action or behavior that violates a social norm and as an outcome it will evoke a negative reaction from others. People who act deviant either receive a formal or an informal type of punishment. A formal punishment is given to those who break a serious law such as killing, rape or stealing, this type of punishment is given by the judicial system. Informal punishment in the other hand is only a mild sanction given to those who break an informal social norm such as burping loudly in public, drinking too much or smoking. Growing up, people encounter different events and situations in which they are expected to make different types of decisions. As a teenager in grade 11, I attended a party thrown by one of my close friends were alcohol was provided. At first I opposed the idea of drinking since not only it was illegal at that age but also, I was scared of what the outcome would be. By the end of the night after seeing many people doing it, I decided to change my mind. I drank for the first time and although I was not drunk I knew that what I did was wrong. When I got home my parents of course noticed and this led to a big argument. I was…

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