Developmental Receptive Language Disorder Essay

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Communication disorders come in many shapes and sizes. They can range from speech to auditory problems. Communication disorders can be very common and starting to show at an early age. Developmental Receptive Language Disorder is one of these common communication disorders. Developmental Receptive Language Disorder can affect your comprehension and your speech. ("mixed receptive-expressive language disorder.") Developmental Receptive Language Disorder is a problem where you do not understand or comprehend what you are hearing or reading.("Receptive Language Disorders.") It is often referred to as a learning disability. A person who has this disorder can not efficiently process language and that can often result in using correct spoken …show more content…
(Victorian Government)

There can be many symptoms to Developmental Receptive Language Disorder. The child can continually keep asking the same questions or grasping for the right word, using words incorrectly in a sentence, not using proper sentence structure, relying on short sentences, not using sentences at all just using short phrases for everything, not getting their clear point across, not be able to hold a conversation, repeat or retell a story or relay information. ("Receptive Language Disorders.")

There is a number of ways to be diagnosed with this disorder. First off, there is the hearing test (by an audiologist). This will test the hearing to make sure the problem would not be related to hearing problems. It also tests the child's ability to pay attention to sounds and language (auditory processing assessment). (Wacyk and Zundel) Then the child would move on to a speech pathologist to test their comprehension skills. The results will compare the child's skill level to the expected skill level for the child's age. The child would also be observed in a variety of settings to see how they interact in different places with a wide range of people.(Wacyk and Zundel) The child would also undergo a vision test to make sure vision would not be the problem. A neuropsychologist may also be necessary to check for any associated

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