Developmental Psychology Has Been Able to Contribute to Improving Children’s Lives

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Jean Piaget argued that when children of certain ages watch water being poured from a short, wide container into a tall, thin container, they think that the amount of water has changed. Discuss with reference to research evidence.

Conservation is the ability to understand when appearance of something changes the amount is the same as before. Piaget argued that young children are unable to consider points of view different to their own and at the pre-operational stage’s children will not be able understand conservation. This essay will first illustrate the basic components of Piaget’s cognitive theory and then will discuss Piaget’s experimental evidence tests in Chapter 2 of Book 1 and in DVD Media Kit part 1, for stages in
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Children were shown two identical beakers with the same amount of rice in each. The liquid from one beaker is poured into a wider beaker. Children said it looks lower’. So the children are unable to take into both the height and the width of the beaker - for example the children will focus on the height and not notice how the change in width cancels out the change in height!
Children were shown two identical balls of play dough. One of the balls is rolled into a sausage shape. The children now said that the longer one has more than the ball ‘because it is longer’. I tried this test on our cleverest girl in my nursery. I was so looking forward to finding out what the result I will get. She is 4 years old and her answer was ‘they are not the same, the longer one is big!’
Children’s answers seem to indicate that their judgement of quantity is centred on the visual change brought about by the transformation. They focus on one dimension of objects or events and on static states rather the transformation. Children were drawn by changes in the appearance of the materials to conclude that a change has occurred. Children failed to track what has happened to the materials and simply make an intuitive judgement based on how they appear. Thinking is ‘irreversible’ in that the child cannot appreciate that a reverse transformation would return the material to

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