Developmental Psychology : An Approach Of The Social Change Over Time Of A Child And An Adult

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Developmental psychology is an approach of the social change over time of a child and an adult. Developmental psychologist’s profession is to study social, cognitive studies. They study on what motivates the human’s mind that influences them on their behaviour and thinking and what causes their intentions. It is important to consider nature and nurture when explaining the developmental theories. Nature is based on the inheritance, linked to genetics; however nurture is based on social and environmental which is linked to experience.John Bowlby (1969) is psychoanalyst and attachment theory is a deep and emotional bond between a mother and child. The different theories are researches done by psychologists who study the human’s individual minds and what causes their actions. One of the theories is psychodynamic which is proposed by Sigmund Freud, this is where they explain the view of their personality which involves their relationships and experiences. Another is behaviourism is when you’re born, you mind is like a blank sheet of paper, however throughout the years a person’s behaviour is determined by the environment around them. The behaviourist theory is associated with work of Ivan Pavlov (classical conditioning) and B.F. Skinner (operant conditioning). Cognitive approach is a study of how individuals process information, and how they take in information. Cognitive is an internal study of the attention, memory and thinking. Psychosocial is discussed by Erik Erikson a…

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