Developmental Issues : Freud 's Stages Of Psychosexual Development

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Developmental issues

Freud would say that Ariel is stuck in the Anal phase of Freud’s stages of Psychosexual development. She is anal explosive. At the beginning of the book, King Triton, Ariel’s father, can’t find her at the family concert. He is enraged when she shows up after the concert because she disobeyed him after he told her she was not allowed to go to the surface, or her grotto any longer. Ariel was very disorganised with her time management because she lost track of time while she was exploring with her friends. Erikson would say Ariel showed conflict within the Identity vs. Role Confusion stage. Ariel was known by everyone else as her father’s, King Triton’s, daughter. With the exception of Flounder and Sebastian, nobody knew Ariel for who she really was. This is why she showed signs of rebellion and disobeyed her father. She wanted to do something that she liked to do for herself, which was collecting human trinkets.

Piaget would say Ariel is in the Sensorimotor stage when she finally gets her tail transformed into feet. For instance, she would feel the ground and the dirt around her. She may experience the new sounds of people talking or the smells from the kingdom’s bakery. In the book, we also see this stage when Ariel combs her hair with a fork at the dinner table.

Kohlberg would say Ariel is stuck in the first stage of morality- the preconventional stage. While she always wanted to go the surface to see human life, she didn’t…

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