Developmental Guidance Plan Essays

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Comprehensive Developmental Guidance Program
CNDV 5330 Developmental Guidance
Final Project
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Part I. Foundations of the CDGP
1a. What is the importance of an advisory team.
The school advisory teams helps to develop the comprehensive guidance curriculum plan; it reviews data that helps to keep the school informed regarding the schools needs and trends. The school advisory teams monitor the implementation of the guidance plan and develop strategies for improvement.
1b. List the potential team members of your advisory committee (e.g., school staff and community members): School Counselors, teachers, Administrators, Students, and Community Agency Members
2a. What is the importance of the School
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Test can be both formal and informal.
c. Observation is a method of assessing student’s social and behavioral progress.
d. Scoring Rubrics- Scoring rubrics typically outline identified criteria for successfully completing an assignment or task and establish levels for meeting these criteria. It allows the administrator to efficiently and consistently look at complex products or performances and to define precise outcomes and expectations.

3. Provide four reasons that using the Guidance Curriculum to address needs is important.
a. Promotes knowledge and skills through the areas of academic achievement, career development and personal-social growth (Stone & Dahir, 20102).
b. The guidance curriculum incorporates school improvement goals (Stone & Dahir, 20102).
c. The curriculum serves students needs and what the teachers believe the students will benefit from those needs ((Stone & Dahir, 20102).
d. The counselor has the ability to counsel students through structured groups and is able to provide guidance during classroom instruction. It also allows the counselor to exhibit leadership and consultation on the school campus (Stone & Dahir, 20102).

4. Provide four reasons that Responsive Services are important to this process.
a. An opportunity for counselors to individual counseling to work toward individual growth and goals (Stone & Dahir, 20102).
b. An opportunity for counselors to incorporate small group counseling to

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