Developmental Change Is An Elementary Of Human Life And The First Three Years

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Developmental change is an elementary fact of human life and the first three years are crucial for the individual. Each infant and/or toddler has a unique development path, yet each respective development process shares the same principles that have been outlined by years of psychological studies. By observing the substructures of development, one may gain an appreciation for life and a greater understanding of what is normal. Recently, I conducted an observation of my ten month old daughter, Molly Kate Smith. The intent of the assignment was to record the child’s gross and fine motor skills and to explain how the infant’s experiences in moving about freely and handling objects contribute to: object perception, depth perception, pattern perception and intermodal perception.
The study took place in my living room, with my wife present, busy cooking supper in the kitchen, and the family dog laid spread out on the hardwood floor, while the family cat cleaned the canine’s ears. The subject of the observation, my daughter, fixated on the pet animals in front of her. Within a few minutes of the study, she was on her hands-and-knees position and sprinting towards the head of our beloved dog, Cassie. I visually examined Molly Kate grab a torn, stuffed pumpkin and hit the dog in the face with it repeatedly. I noted the strikes performed by my daughter were one speed – fast.
She had yet to acquire a rhythm and her arms kept to a sporadic motion with quick assaults from her hands. I…

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