Development of a Child's Imagination Essay

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Dr Montessori emphasizes the importance of the development of imagination. How do cultural activities in a Montessori prepared environment aid in the development….

The ability to imagine is a unique human experience and deserves to be nurtured and encouraged. Dr. Maria Montessori believed that the development of the child’s imagination and creativity are inborn powers within the child that develops as his mental capacities are established through his interaction with the environment. The cultural activities in a Montessori prepared environment helps to foster imaginative skills in the early years which make significant difference in a child’s future development. The children while being educated are encouraged to imagine. This freedom
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Geography is taught as physical geography and political geography. In physical geography, the child is taught the basic forms of landmass. Carefully designed models, pictures, and books are used to give information to the child. Different climate zones and how they affect the people who live in them are also taught. In political geography, the knowledge of the different countries and their cultures are given. Activities are carried out to teach the child about the society in which he lives and others around the world. Showing the photo of the planet and explaining the concept that it is where the humans live and that it is our home is one of the interesting activity practiced in geography. It is then emphasized that as it is our home thus we should take care of it. This gives the child and his absorbent mind the early idea that we need to take care of our world. A number of three period lessons are also taught. Through the land and water clay models, the different land and water features like island, isthamus, peninsula, lake, bay etc. are taught. This increases the awareness of the child and helps him to understand the difference between the different land and water forms. It improves his understanding Maria Montessori writes in her book ‘The Absorbent Mind’, “the child’s mind can acquire culture at a much earlier age than is generally supposed, but

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