Development, Replication, And Inheritance Essay

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Development, replication, and inheritance depend on the cell division cycle. A series of events is carried out in a cell leads to division and duplication. Two daughter cells get produced. Prokaryotes that lack a cell nucleus forms binary fission. Cells with a nucleus like eukaryotes the cell cycle are divided into three periods. Interphase, the (M) mitotic phase, and cytokinesis. In Interphase, the cell increases to accumulate nutrients needed for mitosis, preparing it for cell division and duplicating its DNA. Mitotic phase the cell splits itself into distinct daughter cells. The final stage cytokinesis the new cell is completely separated.
Mitosis, separate existing cells into new ones, of the responsibility for reproducing somatic cells. Two daughter nuclei are genetically identical the original nucleus is formed. Two cells formed by mitosis are called daughter cells. (Haven, 2012) The daughter cells have each 46 chromosomes (23 from each parent) are diploid (two sets of each chromosome) Development and growth, of cells within an organism increase by mitosis. Cell replacement in some parts of the body likes to skin and digestive tract. Regeneration, some organism can regenerate body parts. Mitosis achieves the different body cells. Asexual Reproduction, some organisms, produces genetically identical offspring through asexual reproduction.
Gap 0: A resting phase where the cell has left the cycle and has stopped dividing. (Bogari, 2015)
Gap 1: Cells…

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