Essay on Development Plan and Control

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rDevelopment planning is practised in all three tiers of the Government in Peninsular Malaysia. At the national level, development planning is guided by the National Physical Plan (NPP) and other sectoral national policies that are passed by the Cabinet. They address the strategic issues of national importance and provide the overall framework for subsequent drawing up of the other more detailed Development Plans. Contextually, development planning in the country operates within the stated goals outlined in Vision 2020. Similarly at the state level, development is guided by the State Development Plans, and other national sectoral policies that are formulated from time to time by the respective state governments. Local level physical …show more content…
In essence, the SP distributes the expectations of future development within each state; and proposes major economic and infrastructure projects for the states. The SP also acts as a guide to investment, both by public agencies and private sectors, the allocation/use of resources, and for the coordination of their decisions. The time perspective for SP is normally 20 years. The current set of SPs however, commensurate with the time horizon of Vision 2020. Except for the State of Perlis and the Federal Territory of Putrajaya, which are in the final stage of preparation, all other states in Peninsular Malaysia and Federal Territory Kuala Lumpur are covered with statutory SPs. The SP for each state will provide the framework and basis for the preparation of a statutory Local Plan covering each district of the state.

Structure Plan (SP) is a written statement describing the policy and strategic recommendations with respect to the state of development and use of land in urban and rural areas, including measures to:

1) further improve the physical environment;
2) further improve communication and to manage traffic;
3) Improvement of socio-economic level, the promotion of economic growth;
4) Improving rural planning and rural planning, and
5) Facilitate the sustainable development

RS also must include a diagram, these descriptions and sketches

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