Development Of Virtual Reality Technology Essay

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Oculus VR is a company founded in 2012 dedicating to the development of virtual reality technology (Oculus VR, n.d.). The first and main product of Oculus VR is a head-mounted display named Oculus Rift. The key person at Oculus VR is Palmer Luckey, a 22-year-old enthusiast of virtual reality, the inventor of Oculus Rift, and the original founder of Oculus VR. He launched a Kickstarter campaign online to raise fund for the research and development of his idea of an advanced virtual reality headset, and first introduced the product and company to the public. The campaign was a huge success, which brought Oculus enormous attention from the technology world and investors, as well as more than $2.4 million funds (Oculus VR, n.d.). However, the time that Oculus VR really spread its name was when Mark Zuckerberg (personal communication, March 25, 2014) announced in March, 2014 that Facebook is acquiring Oculus VR for $2 billion, indicating a high expectation of the future of Oculus VR and the virtual reality technology.
Oculus Rift is a virtual reality head-mounted display that can be connected to a computer or a mobile device, and give users lifelike experiences in a virtual world. When the device is worn, the user will be presented an immersive computer-generated environment, such as a game environment, or a distant place in the universe (personal communication, March 25, 2014). Though the user is not physically in that space, the visual and acoustic effects will make the user…

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