Development Of The Economy And Technology Essay examples

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Nowadays with the development of the economy and technology, humans pursue various material or mental comforts, without any suffice to realize the mal beneficence that effects the "standard of living". The standard of living, a social-economic indicator which reflects people’s quality of life (Steve Dowrick, Y. D., 2001). It can be measured by means of economic indicators (GDP per capita, income distribution, the price level) and social indicators
(infrastructure, education, health, culture, employment and environment). For example, manufacturers produce various different products to satisfy the needs and wants of customers.
Moreover, infrastructure construction facilitates economic productivity and enhances societal living conditions, which provide essential facilities and infrastructure, such as wind, solar, nuclear power stations that gratify the energy needs of the public. However, maintaining a high standard of living at the same time, it also causes inevitable destruction to the environment. This dilemma includes deterioration of the environment, destruction of ecosystems, air and ocean pollution along with global warming.
Although the level of productivity can be a significant factor for improving the living standards, as more service and materials available to support a high quality of living, this will result the environmental problems a serious issue that should receives significant attention.
Therefore, destruction to the environment will turn out as a…

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