Development Of Support Materials For School Construction And Maintenance

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Development of support materials for school construction and maintenance: The guide on safer school construction has been developed by collaboration with UNICEF and Save the Children (MoSWRR &MoE, n.d.). The maintenance manuals for school that include short term, medium term and long term maintenance instruction for school authorities, teachers and students were also developed by UNICEF and Save the Children (MoSWRR and MoE, n.d.).
Establishment of Disaster Management Training Center
According to Myanmar Action Plan for Disaster Risk Reduction (2012), Relief and Resettlement Department conducted a series of consultation meeting and workshop with United Nations Organizations and International Non-Government Organizations and development partners to establish the disaster management training center with the strategic objectives “to upgrade the capacity of people who implement Disaster Management activities, to publicise widely to realize Disaster Management, to produce Disaster Management Experts, to conduct multiplier trainings, to be able to do Disaster Management Research, to upgrade as International Disaster Management Institute in future” (UNHABITAT, n.d.). The construction of the training center was finished in 2015.
Non-structural investment in mainstreaming disaster risk reduction
Non-structural mainstreaming includes curriculum development, capacity building programme and development of essentials guidelines and plans for disaster risk reduction. First of all, the…

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