Development Of Social Competence Paper

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Development of Social Competence Paper
The intent of my paper is to apply the research and theories from Human Development lectures and text into relevance and practice by describing eight socially competent characteristics of an adolescent. I will do this by identifying the development or lack of development of these characteristics in young children by observing Kindergarten age children. After I will identify, define, and give a quick example of eight characteristics of a socially competent adolescent. After I will organize an analysis of the proficiently of these eight characteristics in children from ages five to six years old followed by specific components that seem to make some children more socially competent than their peers.
Summary of Social Competence
Perspective Talking
Children should be able to think about what others are seeing and hearing, think about others’ feelings, think about the past experiences of others’, and think about others’ likes/dislikes. Children being able to illustrating these thought processes are taking part in what is called perspective talking. An example of perspective talking is if a child is asked by another child “Do you like to play with Legos?” and the child responding to the questions as well as showing ability to make a statement or ask a question thinking about any of those things. The child could respond by saying something such as “Yeah I like Legos. My favorite are the little people. Do you like them? What your favorite?”.…

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