Essay about Development Of Social And Emotional Skills

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In the development of children there are four major domains: cognitive, social/emotional, physical motor, and speech/language. Cognitive is the domain which involves the functioning of the brain on development. According to Carol Gestwichi’s (2011) cognitive is “related to the process of knowing, thinking, learning” (p. 424). An example of cognitive development is when an infant develops sense of oneself. Social/emotional is the child’s interaction level with others and self-understanding. In this domain the child learns how to socialize, to read expressions for others, and how to express his or herself. Children who interact in dramatic play is an example of the development of social/emotional skills. Physical Motor is the domain which the child develops control over his or her own body. Some of the major milestones in this domain are learning to crawl, walk, run, and etc. Speech/Language is the way the child communicates with others. Not every person speaks the same language; this domain is based on the way the child communicates. There are 4 major stages of development: infant/toddler, early childhood, middle childhood, and adolescence. The four previous major domains of development are based off of the stage of development the child is currently in. According to Spencer Rathus an infant/toddler is from new born up to about 30 months in age, or 2 and a half years old (p. 168). Early childhood stage includes children of ages three to eight years old. The…

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