Essay on Development Of Practical Theories Of Teaching

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Sanders, D, P. & Mccutcheon, G. (1986). Journal of Curriculum and Supervision. The Development of Practical Theories of Teaching, 2(1), 50-67.

This journal suggests ways for turning practical knowledge into usable forms into teaching, and how it might be enhanced to develop learning, rather than being simply theoretical knowledge.
Sanders and McCutcheon (1986) says “Unavoidably teaching is active, intentional value-laden work. It is demanding physically, emotionally and mentally.” The authors describe the complexities of the three kinds of practices in the teaching process and provide practical examples of the three practices (Teaching practices, structuring practices and the organisational policies and operating practices) within the teaching process. Their research is also only constructed from the city of Ohio teachers, not Australian, thus, the curriculum standards are very different. The main limitation of this article is that the factors presented are based on practitioner’s individual history, interpretation, understandings and personal style rather than a scientific theory. Furthermore, the author may assume these techniques will work in most classrooms, but there is no conclusive evidence that it would be successful in the Australian context. This article would benefit students, therefore, it would be useful for teachers interested in a variety of teaching practices in classrooms. The text offers and clearly explains the various styles, personalities, skills and…

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