Development Of Parent Education And Guidance Program Essay

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Family is the main formation for the world, there would be no world without families combined together. In the 21st century, it is very hard or one to manage his or her family therefore the main base for the creation of Parent Education and Guidance program. This program has been created in order to help parents in dealing with their young ones. The goals for this program is to ensure that families will become united and communicate even more. The program will cover the topics on, power struggle between parents and their children, children nutrition, displine the children, creating strong interpersonal relationships within the family members and the parent’s roles in their children lives. This program has been designed such that it can help both young and older parents, single parents and even adoptive parents. It is designed such that it will help the parents in understanding his or her child and helping in the development of the child.
What FLA content are you addressing?
The content that will be addressed will involve: child nutrition, child displine, parental role in the family, power struggle within the family, and interpersonal relationships within the family, that is between the parent and the children.
Reason for choosing this topic
In the 21st century, there has been high rise in technology which has become a major attraction for the teens and the youth, making them spend most of their time on the internet and playing games, chatting and uploading…

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