Development Of Motor Skills And Language Comprehension And Retention

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Abandonment and neglect can have damaging effects as early as infancy. Infants that are abandoned and neglected develop physical abnormalities such as poor muscle growth and the inability to support their own body weight. For example, “if the infant lies unattended for long periods, hair is rubbed off the back of the head, and the back of the head may become flattened.” (Crosson-Tower, 1999, page 72). On the social development side, infants develop low confidence and are “unwilling to make eye contact and do not smile, babble, or squeal as normal babies do.” (Crosson-Tower, 1999, page 72). These issues can hinder the development of motor skills and language comprehension and retention. This leads me to explain Nonorganic Failure to Thrive Syndrome (NFTT). As children who experience PSD, these children are also in the fifth percentile in weight and height. “NFTT may be caused by parental inexperience in not knowing how to feed properly or how much babies eat, or by diluting the formula for lack of money” (Crosson-Tower, 1999, page 71). On the other hand, if a parent feels hostile or negative towards their infant, than this can cause the child to react negatively as well. This can cause problems in attachment and future relationship development skills. Infants that develop NFTT become increasingly hard to feed up to the point that some even vomit after eating. “These babies appear to turn inward, and parents describe them as unlovable or unwilling to be held. If untreated,…

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