Development Of Leadership Reflection On The Healthcare Sector And The Challenges Faced By Leaders

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Development of leadership reflection in the healthcare sector and the challenges faced by leaders.
Support for the Thesis Statement
First, it is important that we define the term reflection to gain a deeper understanding of the topic. This refers to the process where an individual critically thinks about their attitudes, behaviors, values and beliefs, which forms a significant part learning experience whether informal or formal (Roberts, 2008). The experimental learning model used by Kolb dictates that reflective observation plays a crucial role in the cycle of learning (Kolb, 1984).
The development of leadership is particularly important and this is why most leaders and managers are looking towards self-reflection and self-discovery as means to enhance their leadership skills. Recorded philosopher statements with regards to why reflection and self-awareness are so important for people that hold leadership positions dates back many years to teachers and philosophers like Jesus, Confucius, Mohammed, Plato and Socrates (Miller, 2012). Operationalizing experience in healthcare leadership with regards to traditional variables of demographic like supervisory experience and tenure are simply not enough to warrant effective leadership. Leadership is considered a form of art by some people (De Pree, 2004; Fairhurst & Sarr, 1996). Episodes of leadership are uniquely different in each person, which makes it quite difficult for anyone to duplicate or copy the leadership skills…

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