Development Of Language Literacy And Language Development

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How do Language and Literacy Develop?
In this essay the aim is to explain how language and literacy develop from the ages and stages of development, although oral language provides the foundation for written language they are both very different. Explaining features’ that are key to language acquisition and the development also comparing two theories from different theorists, I chose to look at the theory of Vygotsky whom is a Social interaction theorist and the other by Skinner whom is a behavior theorist while doing this, then finally moving onto a section about the implications of the process of development for teaches’ engagement with children in early childhood settings. All these particular individual statements are a large part of understanding
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Along with all this Vygotsky also identified four different stages of speech development with children and breaks them down into blocks for each stage being: primitive speech – birth to two years, naïve physiological stg two-four years, egocentric or private speech stg being four-seven years and finally inner and ingrowth stg from 8yrs. He also has a Zone of Proximal Development (ZPD) which is his way of describing the difference of what children learn or achieve as an individual, or what they can learn with guidance or assistance of adults. Learning with in the (ZPD) depends on the relationships children …show more content…
Moving on to implications of theoretical perspectives for literacy engagement.
Implications can be that understandings of literacy are changing from that of the traditional way of learning literacy which was focused on the ability to be able to read and write text, has been challenged by Information communication technology (ITC) (Laurie Makin, 2007)
Formally the main focus has been on the children’s chronological developmental needs and Lifelong learning but with the current (ICT) children are not made to extend their skills anymore as everything is put there in front of them, like Spell Check and other programs that do everything for them. (Laurie Makin, 2007)
So in conclusion on how language and literacy develop, although oral language provides foundation for written language they both vary. Explaining features’ that are key to language acquisition and the development also comparing two theories from different theorists in this case Vygotsky and Skinner, with Vygotsky the social interactionist theorist the key features of Language acquisition and what roles they play in language and literacy

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