Development Of Identity And Self Concept Essay

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The Development of Identity and Self-Concept When individuals look into a mirror, there is much more looking back besides just physical characteristics. As complex organisms, with high levels of thinking, feeling, and social functioning, humans have both unique, inherent traits, as well as unique life experiences. Both of these areas mold together into the development of one’s identity and self-concept. At no other time is the formulations of identity and self-concept more important than during the integral years from middle-childhood through early adolescence. Erikson (as cited in Crocetti, Rubini, Luyckx, & Meeus, 2008) stated, “the fundamental developmental task that individual face during adolescence is defining their identity,” (p. 983). This paper will explore the factors on middle childhood through early adolescent identity and self-concept formation. Biological, social, and cultural factors will be examined in relation to their impact on one’s development of identity and self-concept. Finally, future counseling considerations will be explored and addressed, based on these areas in identity development, during this important stage in one’s lifespan.
Factors of Identity and Self-Concept Development During Middle Childhood through Early Adolescence

As a child develops, various dimensions interact in determining their own identity and self-concept. As William James (as cited in Broderick & Blewitt, 2015) contended, “the ‘Me’ includes all those attributes that are…

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