Development Of Displays And Signs Essay example

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• development of displays and signs:
Brand creating with text and photo include product’s detail about prices, product’s functional or other important information on products.

Review the profile of the market segment that is the target audience for the company, including positioning and marketing mix for each segment.
Market segment Positioning Marketing mix
Individual customers
• interested in outdoor lifestyle
• prefer to doing things themselves
• Age between 20-50 years old
• Interested in Australian own business
• Interested in online shopping
• Prefer good quality products and services • It refers to the differentiating of the business’s products or services to gain customers recognition in the marketshare. For effective competitive positioning strategy, the business should follow:

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• A market profile is explain on customers and customer groups in term of the unique characteristics. It gives information about customer target group and what they looks like. It also helps in identify clearly on target customers who interested in the business’s products or services which the business need to focused on target group of customers who suitable for products or services.

Example: competitive brand position. • promotional variables:It is including marketing, advertising and promotion which are easy to confuse.An advertising can define as a tool for a promotion. The promotion is variable in the marketing…

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