Development Of Cultural Competency Standards Essay

2017 Words Sep 15th, 2014 9 Pages
This report identifies the challenges faced by the modern health professionals in understanding the complexities of providing culturally competent Aboriginal health, physiotherapy and rehabilitation care within the Australian primary health care system. Non-Indigenous health care professionals cannot truly understand the true complexity of the past impacts of colonialism, the political process and the community’s prejudice effects on the Indigenous health status. This report intends to inspire health care professionals to understand the development of cultural competency standards by health industry bodies and actively engage in cross-cultural interactions to develop a higher level of skills in their community and practice. This report provides a background of the significant historical events which have impacted on the Aboriginal health status, highlighting the destruction and suppression of cultural identity, traditional practices and the struggle to gain equality and acceptance within the health systems. It introduces the key components to understanding Indigenous holistic health and well-being philosophies, explaining the equal importance Indigenous Australians place on the social, spiritual and cultural aspects of health and belief systems. This background also identifies the ignorance Non-Indigenous health professionals have held in the past on cultural acceptance and the necessity for the modern health care professionals to strive to improve the cultural competency…

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