Development Of Children With Divorced Parents Essay

811 Words Apr 15th, 2016 4 Pages
Development of Children with Divorced Parents and Importance of the Intervention
Tornike Rakviashvili
University of Maryland Baltimore Co.

The most important experiences during early ages are obtained through interactions with family members, especially with parents, so it is very important for children to have healthy relationships. Unfortunately, not every child gets chance to live with both parents, in most cases because of divorce. A variety of studies have been reviewed to determine how divorce affects children’s development. The purpose of this paper is to synthesize research articles that examine which factors of divorce affect children’s prosocial development, attachment, mental health, in children, weather they live with father, mother or in joint custody. Different intervention programs and their effectiveness will be also presented.
Positive and negative experiences influence different factors of healthy development. Daniel and her associates (2016) studied how paternal and maternal relationships affect children’s prosocial development. In their studies, they discovered that maternal and paternal warmth predicts child prosocial behavior. The results of the study support that both paternal and maternal warmth is very important for children’s healthy development. Divorce leads to single parenthood, which commonly results in decreased interaction between child and one of the parents. Accordingly, it is important to research differences in…

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