Development Of A Teacher, The Number One Goal For My Students

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As a teacher, the number one goal for my students is to see development. The main development that educators want to see is cognitive development. Cognitive development is more than filling student’s minds with facts, but the development of higher mental functions (WOOLFOLK 63). As a teacher, there are different principles of development that are crucial to keep in mind. They are that, people develop at different rates, development is relatively orderly, and development takes place gradually (WOOLFOLK 34). In order to teach to the best of my ability I must remember these principles and understand that some of my students may be at different levels when they enter the classroom and that it may because they learn at different rates. The ability of my teaching should be based on the progress of development from my students, not the level they are at. If I have a student who begins the school year with a third-grade reading level and ends the school year with a fourth-grade reading level, this would be the same progress as a child who came in at a first-grade level and leaves with a third-grade reading level. Just because the two children continue to stay at different reading levels doesn’t mean that the student with the lower reading level didn’t achieve some sort of development. There are many theories as to home students develop, and I believe that cognitive development comes from social interaction with others. To elaborate this idea, I refer to one of Vygotsky’s key…

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