Essay on Development Of A Safe Social Environment

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Ibrahim has endured a traumatic experience and emotional effects that have impacted his emotional regulation. Based off the client’s traumatic stress assessment, it was determined that Ibrahim is in phase three. To assist the client in moving into a more stable environment and regulated emotions, it is important to develop a plan of treatment with tangible interventions.
Phase three, suggest that the client is in an enduring phase. It would be important to start the initial treatment in this phase to ensure the client “development of skills necessary to manage emotions and the establishment of a safe social environment” (Saxe et al., p. 126). It is important for not only the child, but the family to be taught the skills to navigate through the impact of the traumatic experience. Furthermore, this phase suggests training of emotion regulation, which is essential to the treatment process. This intervention training would be completed within the child’s home and community-based environment at some point during the treatment. In addition, psychopharmacology will be implemented as a part of this phase.
Before treatment begins, it is important to assess any cultural barriers that may make it difficult to complete treatment. While Ibrahim speaks English, his mother relies on him to translate for paperwork, or even to schedule an appointment. To ensure the family understands the treatment plan, it would be important to use culture competency and establish a plan to meet the needs…

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