Essay about Development Of A Basketball Jump Shot

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Movement analysis is a major key in sports as it dissects the certain movement of muscles and joints to perform a certain action in the sport. A basketball jump shot uses all of the movement phases, from the stance phase, preparatory phase, movement phase, follow-through phase and recovery phase. The jump shot has gradually evolved in the NBA, and is considered one of the most important and most commonly used shot in basketball. There are many sharpshooters in the NBA, like Kevin Durant, Stephen Curry and
Carmelo Anthony who master the jump shot, and they excel in the little details of these phases, which helps them excel in their craft. These phases are truly important in a basketball jump shot and we would be able to see the movement from a kinesiological perspective. The first phase used in a basketball jump shot would be the stance phase. This is the phase where the shooter would get into a balanced position, body squared to the basket, the trunk of the body tilted forward and the arms in sagittal position, preparing to shoot the ball. The shooter is in a slightly crouched position where the knees are flexed and the feet in dorsiflexion. The knee is slightly flexed; the femur would be slightly rotated while the menisci are slightly being pulled to the back of the knee and acting as a cushion for the knee joint. The knee being slightly flexed is causing a concentric contraction to the quadriceps. The muscles being used to cause this slight flexion of the hip and knee…

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