Essay on Development Is A Development Or Growth Of A Child As A Whole

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Holistic development is a development or growth of a child as a ‘whole’. Considering the child’s whole life and its circumstances and focusing on their needs to live a healthy life for their development and wellbeing. Also addressing to all the needs of a child’s life in relation to their physical, language, cognitive, social/emotional and spiritual development. As described by (NZTC, 2015).
In Erikson theory Trust versus Mistrust stated by “providing consistent care, parents help infants to develop a sense of trust in self and ability to trust people”. Gordon, A., & Browne K. (2014) p96. It is extremely important for educators to build the trusting relationship with children to help in guiding any stages of development. And this can be done by providing lots of tender, love, care and responding affectionately towards their needs as soon as they arise. Gordon, A., & Browne K. (2014).

Infant’s first physical development is growing in size and weight. From age’s 0-12months, infants move themselves to reaching, kicking, and sitting up, rolling, crawling, walking, running and jumping process. Piaget referred infancy as a "Sensorimotor" stage because he recognized that infants learn and interact with their world using their senses. This is by touching, smelling, hearing, seeing and tasting the items in their surrounding. Their senses also become more refined. It is important that they have opportunities to explore with these new skills such as tummy time. This is when an infant…

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