Essay about Development During The Middle Ages

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One of the most important development period in human history is the Renaissance. It allowed for humans escape the dark and desolate world of the Middle Ages to enter a society that illustrates the wonders and possibilities of humankind. One of the major cities in the creation of the Renaissance is Florence where influential people such as as Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, and Dante gained inspiration from. However, many scholars have wondered how this one city was able to assumption what hundreds of societies have failed to accomplish during the Middle Ages. The energy per capita in Florence increased in the city through improvements in government spending and allow the citizens to demand freedoms and power in politics. During the Middle Ages, the concept of individualism was minimal and majority of society was subjected to feudal system. The feudal system caused individuals to be unable to make decisions and create change in society. The amount of energy per capita was low and majority of the energy went to the upper class in society, kings and (landowners). As the Black Death spread throughout Europe, the subjection increased to society being dependent on the Church. The Catholic Church stated the “Black Death was caused by the moral corruption of man and the ensuing wrath of God” (3-1). This deception by the church caused the low amount of energy per capita to decrease because the society started spending time and energy devoted to the authority of the church to help…

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