Developing Yourself as an Effective Hr Practitioner Essay

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Understanding Customer needs:
• Care Managers
These are the managers for whom I recruit carers on an on-going basis, they have a high turnover of staff and require fast recruitment to meet the demands of the business.
• Senior Managers
I have targets that have been set by the senior management team for the Service Centre which are reported on each week using a pipeline report. I also have three administrators who report in to me; so as well as meeting my own targets I need to ensure that my team are also meeting theirs.
• Current Applicants
These are the carers I recruit and see through the compliance process, they often expect to be able to start working immediately.
Conflicting Demands
In order to meet the conflicting demands of
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Measuring effective service delivery –
- Feedback from recruiting managers
- Weekly KPI reports
- Feedback from applicants
- Running track of budget
- Monitoring of applications received

HR Profession Map –
The HR Profession map is made up of three components –
Professional areas
1. Leading HR (Core professional area)
2. Insights, Strategy and Solutions (Core professional area)
3. Organisation design
4. Organisation development
5. Resourcing and talent planning
6. Learning and talent development
7. Performance and reward
8. Employee engagement
9. Employee relations
10. Service delivery and information

1. Collaborative
2. Personally credible
3. Skilled influencer
4. Decisive thinker
5. Curios
6. Role Model
7. Courage to challenge
8. Driven to deliver

The bands relate to the level of responsibility you have within your current role, starting with band one at the beginning or your HR career and moving up to band four which is relevant to more senior management roles.
The HRPM can be accessed by members of the CIPD and is a useful tool to measure where you are at in your career and the behaviours that relate to your role. The two core professional areas are applicable in all roles within HR.

What I consider most essential to my own role -
My current role falls within band 1, although I have responsibility for three administrators I

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