Essay on Developing Yourself and Others

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Developing yourself and others
Section 1: Know how to identify development needs

1.1 After using the VAK learning styles self-assessment questionnaire I discovered my learning style to be KINASESTHETIC meaning I learn more through physical experiences, such as touching, feeling, holding, doing and practical hands on experiences. This did not come as a surprise to me as in my current job role it is very hands on, and I’ve had to learn very quickly mainly through trial and error. I am not someone who likes to ask for help or to read instructions I prefer to experience things for myself. This could also be seen as a weakness for me although when things do go wrong I feel I learn from my mistakes. The VAK showed that staff member K
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Staff member K has been given details into the course and how it shall support her in her job role and with her confidence boosted she is looking forward to it. She has offered to use her oyster card to keep the travel costs down and the actual course itself is free of charge.
To overcome my own barriers to improve my own development I can see that attending the ILM diploma in leadership and management course is a good way forward to develop myself in all areas and give myself the knowledge required in my role to become a good manager. The course itself has mainly been funded by surrey cc with a small one of cost of £50.00 meaning it does not affect the company financially, and fits suitably in with the training budget. The course is part time which means not being away from the business too often, after looking at staff ratios for when I am away I can see it would be a good decision to move staff member A to the office for two days a week as she has previous experience in office based work and admin and replace her on the floor with bank staff member V and increase her hours to cover myself when I am away. This means I have help in the office and all office based work is completed on time, it also allows me to attend the course by making sure ratios are high to cover myself to attend.
Section 2- Know how to develop self and others to achieve organisation objectives.
2.1 Training.

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