Developing The Success And Failure Criteria For The Project Of Palm Tree Spa Resort

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1.2 Developing the Success and Failure Criteria for the Proposed Project and Appraise its Viability in the given Scenario (AC 1.2)
Viability of Project:
Project viability refers to the ability of project to achieve desired goals and objectives influenced by number of factors like Cost Overruns, Time Overruns, Changes to the Scope and Specifications, Quality Problems, Changes in Business Environment and so forth. Following are some important factors and aspects, may influence viability of Project of Palm Tree Spa Resort.
1. Project Span: The span of project includes extent or limitation that should be envisaged out according to the requirements of project (Aleesha, 2014). The project team of Palm Tree Spa should determine or provided from top management the deadlines for completion of different tasks and activities. Similarly, it also covers that all resources of project are reachable, fulfill dates like planning completion dates and so forth.
2. Project Purchases: It is important for the project manager and project team to anticipate skills and manufacturing charges precisely along with time and finance involved in purchasing are not always exact and therefore it is sporadically crucial for the team to have conviction with assumption. For this, either the resources and times would be spend for hiring people with required set of skills or training existing people to develop required skill set (Ellen & Steve, 2008).
3. Confirmation of Suppositions and Choices: In case when…

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