Developing The Best Education Philosophy For Teaching Essay examples

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Developing the best education philosophy for teaching is a task that is difficult and heavily opinionated. With a variety of philosophies developed over thousands of years, it is often difficult to decipher which methods are effective. However, Christian educators should begin with the example that is given through the Bible. Starting with Genesis, God displayed a hands-on, student driven pedagogy in the following verse that states, “...He brought them (animals and birds) to the man to see what he would name them; and whatever the man called each living creature, that was its name...” (Genesis 2:19, New International Version). Secondly, he allowed students to learn from their mistakes, such as when Jonah ran from God, which resulted in Jonah being swallowed by the whale (Jonah 1:1-13, NIV). Nonetheless, God required structure and obedience from his students, such as when he commanded Moses to lead the Israelites (Exodus 3:10, NIV). Next, he created an atmosphere of critical thinking and discussion as the reader deciphered the Word. Finally, Jesus is an all inclusive educator, teaching both Gentiles and Jews. Dewey, Montessori, and Socrates’ methods of teaching all have qualities of the pedagogy displayed in the Bible. By incorporating the philosophies of these three philosophers, schools can create an environment that will enable children to become lifelong learners. John Dewey was an influential 20th century American educator (Public Broadcasting Service [PBS]). His…

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