Essay on Developing Technology Into Student Learning

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Since the mid 20th century educators have been working to implement more technology into student learning. One of the first technological programs was developed in the 1960s; it utilized a computer to help teach children geometry lessons and quickly have the computer help take over their learning process. By the ‘70s it was found that teachers, by using technology, could put forth less effort and help kids learn in a more effective way. In modern-day classrooms, it has been proven that having a class up to 50 students with one teacher could still be productive with this same method of learning. Today’s more advanced technology, such as iPads, laptops and websites have only enhanced the relationship between technology and education. Technology should be implemented more into schools because of the advantages of blended learning, future jobs, and online options for those who cannot go to school.
Though there are many advantages to implementing technology into schools there are many reasons to use less technology, or none at all. Technology is very expensive, one iPad from is almost $500 to support a school of 2,000 students this could cost more than $1 million. Laptops are another 2 million if being purchased from Apple. Many school districts are granted or donated money to use on specific technology, but many aren’t; this leaves students in urban areas and small communities at a disadvantage. As well as being costly the technology given to students has the…

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