Developing Strength And Success For High School Students Essay

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Developing Strength Instead of Weakness leads to success
According to the research of Gallup’s States of America’s schools report most students in middle school and high school are not success-ready. The main reasons for high school students to be not success-ready are schools and teachers. The schools should attract the students, and show a bright future for the students. The teachers should build curiosity in the students about the future. To have success-ready students, schools should find and hire teachers who can build excitement in the students about the future and it should boost the engagement of the teachers by focusing on teachers’ strengths. The main role of schools and teachers is building hope in the students which also make the students success-ready (Success, Lopez). In order to be successful one should focus on his/her strength and should cultivate the one which can yield the most significant growth (Louis). In Clifton Strength Finder, the idea of developing strength instead of weakness is a valuable idea because it creates self-confidence, hope, and success. Based on the Gallup Journal report students who are focused on their strengths and work on it are more positive about their future. This positive emotion about the future will give the students confidence. Human beings have more confidence on things they know than they do not. For instance if a student is good on math, he is more confident when he is in math class than other classes. What he need to do…

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