Developing Professional Practice Essay

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Professionalism in HR
Question 1
The thought of professionalism conjures up many ideas, and possibly pre-conceived judgements. These will not always be classed as positive or negative, but will undoubtedly have a profound effect on the way you are perceived in your area of work or chosen profession.
The HR Professional will endeavour to
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The CIPD is the professional and awarding body for the UK’s HR and learning and development professionals. We have about 133,000 professionals in membership all of whom are involved in delivery and a considerable number are key decision makers and leaders on both HR and learning and development. We deliver a highly developed suite of professional development programmes delivered across all sectors of the economy, and we are at the forefront of the skills and talent debate.
The CIPD welcomes government’s focus on higher skills and on the importance of the workplace as a delivery mechanism for these skills. Employers spend around £38 billion on training learning and development, with a variety of provision aimed from basic competence training to advanced degrees. The consultation looks at how we can lift our performance in higher level skills, and we are convinced that the ability to build our higher level technical and professional skills is key. Whilst we believe the government has paid a lot of attention to skills when discussing productivity, it has spent much less time than we think is merited on the vital role of people management and development plays in enhancing individual and organisational performance and productivity. Nor do we believe the government’s agenda has recognised the pivotal role played by continuous professional development in driving forward

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