Developing Operating Procedures For Infection Prevention Essay

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Since the EVD outbreak, Sierra Leone’s MoHS and partners have been developing operating procedures for infection prevention, such as patient isolation, safe burials, training staff, and acquiring supplies including personal protective equipment (PPE), vehicles, and setting care facilities to reduce the mode of transmission. The spread of EDV moved westward to the country’s densely populated capital- Freetown, and by December of 2014 it had more cases than Guinea and Liberia combined.20,21 Repeatedly, the barrier to providing basic care is the lack of resources, and even if the resources are available, HCW are not trained in the proper use or protocol. Some of the resources that are still absent are: rapid diagnostic tools, vaccines, and drugs that alleviate some of the burden associated with infectious diseases.
To contain the spread, prevent infections, and diagnose potential EVD cases, partners of the International Rescue Committee (IRC), Sierra Leone’s Bo District Health Management Team (DHMT), and the CDC implemented a Community Event-Based Surveillance (CEBS) system in November 2014. This was used as a pilot program in the Bo District to strengthen the surveillance and response capabilities, and enhance the system already in place. This system was previously used in Uganda to detect for EVD and other infectious diseases successfully. This program consists of local community health officers (clinical staff) and health care facility administrators, with the help of…

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