Developing Mindfulness Improved On Communication With My Family Members

700 Words Sep 25th, 2015 3 Pages
Being mindful is when a person focuses on what is occurring at a precise moment. Mindfulness is difficult to retain when there are various distractions such as noise of cell phones. When following the steps of developing mindfulness there were many positives results. Developing mindfulness improved socialization with peers and enhanced relationships with family, friends, and even improved my working ethic. Following guidelines for developing mindfulness had a drastic impact on communication with my family members. Typically when speaking with family, I am either on my cell phone texting or preoccupied by alternate distractions. Whenever we went out to eat I would leave my cell phone at home so we could have conversations without the distractions of friends texting or IM’ing me. This allowed me to focus completely on the conversation and even remember a fair amount of the information I was told. Another example, this week my parents left town this week and wanted me to do specific duties such as grocery shopping for their specific food preferences and also cleaning the house as efficiently as I could. Being mindful provided assistance to completely these tasks the exact way they wanted them to be executed. If I was distracted or on my computer, most of the information would have been lost and it would have resulted in an argument. Practicing active listening provided multiple benefits in my family such as less arguments which lead to enhanced relationships with each other.…

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