Developing Diseases On The Rise And Many New Cures Essay

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With developing diseases on the rise and many new cures to follow, the early 1900’s were a time of great discoveries and successes within the field of medicine. Dating back to 1819, the earliest clues of both the necessity and deficiency of Vitamin A was first discovered. Many early researchers such as Francois Magendie, Fredrick Gowland Hopkins, Elmer McCollum, Lafayette Mendel, and Thomas Burr Osborn were great successes in discovering the first ever vitamin. Vitamin A is required in our everyday diets still to this day. It is a fat-soluble vitamin that is present in many foods and especially good for vision, our immune system, and even our heart (Office of Dietary Suppl. 2015).
French physiologist Francois Magendie, described as a pioneer of experimental physiology, was the first to theorize the idea of Vitamin A. During the time of 1819, Magendie was experimenting with dogs. He fed them a strict diet that consisted of distilled water and one specific food such as sugar or olive oil. (Leicester, H. M. 1956). Through his experiments, Magendie observed that the dogs developed severe corneal ulcers. At the time, he had very little comprehension that he discovered vitamin deficiencies. About seventy years after Megendie’s find, Nicolai Lunin suggested that there was an unknown substance in milk that was essential for growth and proper nutrition (Semba, R. D. 2012). Also around this time, Carl Socin suggested there must be an unknown substance in egg yoke that was fat…

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