Essay Developing Countries Suffer From Poverty And Malnutrition

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Secondary Malnutrition in Developing Countries
Many developing countries suffer from poverty and malnutrition due to a variety of social, political, economic, and environmental affairs. Impoverish nations tend to lack resources required to ensure the wellbeing of citizens, putting everyone at risk of malnutrition. One of the four types of malnutrition affecting developing countries is secondary malnutrition, defined as “a condition or illness that prevents proper digestion or absorption” (Leathers & Fosters, 2009). Secondary malnutrition is influenced by poverty, lack of education, and environmental concerns that can lead to diarrhea and diseases; however, secondary malnutrition is preventable. First, countries monetary standings have an impact on secondary malnutrition. Nations that accumulate huge debt cannot afford to send government assistance to their people to offset poverty and hunger. As a result, poor developing countries lack access to education, financial and health services, and food (Peña & Bacallao, 2002). To add to this issue, wealth is in the hands of very few people. Most individuals receive low income, which limits to amount of food they can purchase. People unable to obtain required nutrients become malnourished, weakening their bodies’ abilities to fight off infections (Leathers & Fosters, 2009). Individuals suffering weak immunity are more likely to encounter secondary malnutrition and face difficulties recovering from these diseases and…

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