Developing Countries Must Face Hunger Essay

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Starvation One in nine people on earth do not get an adequate amount of food. This means about
795 million people are struggling to live a healthy life ("Hunger Statistics"). A lack of wholesome foods and nutrients can lead to illness, such as malnutrition. When kids do not get the nutrients they need, it can cause lack of focus, aggressiveness, and may also stunt their growth. People seem to believe that these issues are only valid in third world countries, while this is a problem in communities across the United States, as well. Today, people all over the world, young and old, do not have access to enough nutritious food to survive, so World Vision has united with communities to address immediate food needs, as well as growing food for the future. Developing countries must face hunger head on every day. This is due to multiple reasons including overpopulation, violence, natural disasters, and weak harvests because of climate change. Three quarters of all hungry people live in rural areas, meaning farming communities face hunger the most ("Who are the hungry?"). Many people across Asia and Africa have no alternative occupation or source of income. In the article, "Nearly 400,000 Syrians starving in besieged areas," Patrick Strickland summarizes the social injustice happening in Madaya. Currently, in the town of Madaya, of rural Damascus, nearly 400,000 Syrian refugees are starving. A deal has been struck that prevents food from being harvested or delivered to…

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