Developing Community Strategies : Hospice Niagara And Community Care Access Centre ( Ccac )

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Developing community strategies involves bringing together members of the community to discuss common challenges faced and finding solutions to them. Hospice Niagara in conjunction with Community Care Access Centre (CCAC) works to integrate several health promotion approaches to help develop the Niagara community. One of the main goals of the strategy is prioritizing and ensuring that those who need care get it at the right time. Due to the limited amount of beds available, palliative patient go through a scrutinize process to ensure that care is being administered to the right patient. There are four key principles important for community development and they include determining the current asset, getting the community members involved, focusing on the process outcome and creating equality for all (M. Narushima, community development, November 11, 2016). Hospice Niagara organizes yearly events that encourage members of the community to come together and participate thus, bringing awareness to palliative and quality of life care. In health promotion, the parallel track model is found to be very effective for not just promoting health but also because it includes “both capacity building and positive change in health outcomes” (Vatcharacongvan et al., 2013). In other words, capacity building, community empowerment and mobilization are major concepts used in community development (M. Narushima, community development, November 11, 2016). The capacity level…

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