Developing And Implementing A Social Media Ministry Outreach Team

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Developing and Implementing a Social Media Ministry Outreach Team at Impact Church in Columbia, South Carolina

The creation of the Internet and social media has permanently changed how people interact with one another. Millions of people log on to the internet daily for the purpose of interaction. Additionally, according to Nils Smith, social media is the most popular activity on the Internet. This twenty-first century phenomenon is a great opportunity for churches to capitalize on this innovative technology, using it as a ministry tool for evangelism. Thousands of people use social media daily, but according to a Lifeway research poll, only 40 percent of Protestant churches in America still are not using any social networking tools. This breach of the church’s mission and the blatant disregard for creative “evangelism” using social media as a tool for outreach is one of the reasons for the decline in church attendance.
The Church has always used creative and new methods of evangelism. Historically, the early church used different methods of evangelism. Stanley C. Brown asserts:
It used a number of methods and never one method all by itself. Moreover, evangelism must be the concerted effort of the total church program. If only one segment of the membership and one area of the activities are devoted to the task, the local church will be ineffective. But if the entire church devotes every means available to the central task of lifting up Christ…

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