Developing An Obesity Intervention Program Essay

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1. Identify the purpose, research questions and/or hypotheses for this study.
The purpose of this research was to develop an obesity intervention program for elementary school personnel in order to promote healthy dietary and exercise behaviors.

The researchers hypothesized that (1) randomly assigned individuals employed at school worksites and assigned to be intervention schools would be significantly more likely to lose weight than individuals employed at comparable control worksites, and (2) individuals in intervention schools would be more likely to change their diet and physical activity behaviors as compared to individuals at control worksites (Siegel et al., 2010).
The research questions asked if the obesity intervention program work and how it work?

2. What type of research design was used for this study (experimental, non-experimental or qualitative)
This was an experimental research design in which a randomized control trial was conducted and participatory elementary schools were randomly assigned to intervention or control conditions.

3. What were the independent variable(s) in this study?
The independent variables were treatment condition (control vs. intervention), time, sociodemographic characteristics (e.g., age gender, cultural groups, date of birth, and education), and job classification (e.g., school administrator, teacher, and food service staff).

4. What were the dependent variable(s) in this study?
The dependent variables were body mass index…

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