Essay on Developing An Empowering Vision Board

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But you’re not done yet. Developing an empowering vision board is not just about the process of creating the board. What you do with the board after it is done is also auspicious for success. You need to make the vision board part of your everyday life in order to reap the rewards.

Look at your vision board regularly

Your vision board should become a central part of your day. You don’t want to spend a lot of time designing it and putting it together, only to stick it at the back of the cabinet. The whole point of the vision board is on the concept of visualisation – of you spending enough time looking at your objectives and going through them in your head. But how can you visualise if you aren’t even looking at your board? So, you need to ensure you look at your vision board regularly and spend a bit of time focusing on the images. Don’t just glance at it and think you remember all the images with their specific meaning to you and your goals. Take a good look at your vision board and spend a few minutes analysing and thinking about the images you chose. Why did you cut out that picture of the Land Rover? What does the image of an increasing stock market sign mean to you? By focusing on your images and visualising the concepts in your mind, you reinforce the objectives and your resolve to obtain them.
In order to guarantee you do the above regularly, you shouldn’t just try to remember to use the vision board. You need to ensure the vision board is placed in a way that…

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