Essay about Developing An Accident Prevention Plan

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Dynamic Duo, Inc. employees 75 people, but the management states that they have little experience and knowledge regarding safety regulations. The plant and every employee working for the company is in danger of unforeseen safety hazards since no one is concerned with safety. If the management does not understand the need for a safe work environment, how is the employee supposed to understand how to properly complete a job task in regards to OSHA guidelines? Dynamic Duo, Inc. needs to enforce the need for a safety program and it should start with the management team. It is required that any company having more than one employee, should have a thorough safety program in place (Battles, 2011). Therefore, the management should work directly with the employees to determine problem areas within the facility that needs improvement and then properly train every employee of the plant how to perform the work in a safe manner. First, the company should consider developing an accident prevention plan. This plan is the basis of a safety program and it will help identify safety issues within the company and give suggestions about how to eliminate these specific risks. The plan should give step by step instructions that are accurate and thorough when it comes to how to respond to an accident, who should be called, and how to begin the accident investigation. Also, the plan should be specific to the facility at Dynamic Duo, Inc. The accident prevention plan needs to cover topics such…

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